Job description optimization overview

Job description optimization helps improve job postings to attract a diverse range of qualified candidates. The tool uses sophisticated algorithms to help create job listings that appeal to all genders, underrepresented groups, people of color, those with disabilities, veterans, and the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Build an equitable hiring foundation with inclusive job descriptions optimized with the leading research-based DEI language insights.

Watch the video to see how it works: 

To enable closed captioning, click settings in the lower right of the video below, and under Closed Captions, toggle the button to ON. 

1. Copy and paste your job posting into the "Improve job description" section and add a job title for future reference.
2. The tool will score your job posting for inclusivity, highlighting words that may deter certain candidates in red and words that attract candidates in green.
3. Optimize the words highlighted in the darkest red first to improve your score.
4. If your job score is negative, optimize the posting using alternative words or add more inclusive words or phrases.
5. Hover over words marked in red and click on the suggested word that best fits the original intent of the sentence.
6. If a flagged word cannot be replaced without changing the original intent or understanding of job duties, leave it as is and focus on other areas of the job posting.
7. Use the "Show word suggestions" button for help with sentence starters or suggested words to add to your posting.
8. Once satisfied with your job posting, click on the text or HTML options at the bottom of the screen to copy the posting to your clipboard for pasting into your applicant tracking system or job board.
9. If additional Job Description Optimization credits are needed, contact your client success manager.
10. The content optimizer can be used to improve emails, marketing communications, employee announcements, and other business communications where inclusive language is beneficial.


If you have any additionally questions, please reach out to your client success manager.


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