How to add and remove users



In Clovers, admins are able to add remove and edit user privileges in user management to access user management. Navigate to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click into the cogwheel icon.
This will take you into settings from there click into the user management tile. For companies that have single sign-on enabled with Clovers, new users can be added when they simply access the Clover's login portal and enter in their email address. If SSO is not yet enabled for your company, you will be able to see a button in the upper right hand corner of your screen labeled 'add new user'. 
To add a new user to your company account, click into it. A form will appear required fields are denoted with an asterisk. Complete the required fields and click 'add user' to send an invite. If you do not want an  invite sent, then uncheck the box next to 'send invite to user' before clicking the 'add user button'.
Once a new user is added, all admins on the account will receive an email notification. In user management, it is also possible to edit suspend and revoke a user account. To do so, find the user in the list. Users are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Once you have found the user, click into hamburger menu on the far right hand. Edit allows for you to make changes to things such as their manager or their title. It also allows you to make changes to their level of access. perhaps change someone from an enhanced user to a limited user or an admin for example. Suspend is a temporary removal of access for the user; they will not be notified that their access has been suspended and


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