Clovers app for Microsoft Teams (User guide)

How to attach the Clovers app to a meeting

Add to a calendar event

Follow these instructions to add Clovers to a meeting that hasn’t begun yet.

  1. Navigate to an existing meeting within Teams

  2. Add the Clovers app to the meeting series by press the + to the right of the meeting name, and then adding Clovers

  3. A pop-up should appear, asking you to add Clovers. Press Add

  4. You’ll see another pop-up prompting you to log in to Clovers. Press Sign in to Clovers, and log in to your Clovers account.

  5. Press Close

  6. When you join the meeting, you’ll be able to access Clovers via a tab in the top right


Add in meeting

Follow these instructions to add Clovers to a meeting that is already in progress

  1. Once you’ve joined the meeting your interview is taking place in, press the three dots in the upper right corner, then press + Add an app

  2. Select Clovers from the menu, and press Save on the pop-up that appears

  3. Once you press Save, the app will appear in the side panel


Using the Clovers app

Confirm interview information is correct

If you have multiple interviews scheduled for the day, or if we’re not able to identify a candidate in the interview, we may ask you to confirm that the information we do have about the interview is accurate.

Select meeting

If you have multiple interviews scheduled for the day, we may ask you to choose the correct one, to make sure you see the correct candidate data and questions. This page will show any meetings set to record, based on the ‘Today’s schedule' section of the dashboard.

You will see any events scheduled for today that are currently in progress, or scheduled in the future, and are marked as an interview (either because it met the default criteria for recording, or it was manually enabled in the dashboard.


Select candidate

Once the interview you’re in has been correctly identified. We’ll ask you to confirm the that we’ve detected the correct candidate. At this point, you’ll be able to proceed to the interview, or make any edits to the candidate or requisition data.

If no candidates have been detected, you’ll be asked to select the candidate from among the list of meeting participants.


Edit candidate information

If anything of the candidate or requisition data you see is incorrect, you’re able to select the correct candidate, update their name, and select the correct requisition.

Note: if the client has been imported from an ATS, their name will not be editable in Clovers


Once the candidate information has been verified, you’re ready to start the interview!

Conduct interview

Once you’ve started the interview, you’ll be able to see information about the candidate you’re interviewing, ask intelligent questions tailored for the requisition they’re applying for, and flag key moments that stood out to you during the interview.

View candidate information

You can view information about the candidate, as well as their resume and Linkedin at any point during the interview.


Ask questions

You’ll see a list of interview questions, as well as the attribute that question is designed to assess, based on the role the candidate is applying for. You can also mark a question as asked, in order to stay organized during the call.


Flag key moments

When a candidate has a standout response (either positive, or one you may want to flag for further review with your team), you can capture clips from those moments, that will be added to this candidate’s Clover reel in the web application.
Note: The Clover reel is a short collection of clips that can be used to help review and recall a candidate.


When you want to capture a moment, you can choose to mark it as a ‘Nice’ or ‘Risk’ moment. At that point, you’ll be prompted to choose how long a clip you’d like to capture. At that point, it will be saved to the Clovers Reel. You can review your saved clips from the web application.


Rate and review candidate

Rate and review the candidates you interview directly from Teams, without switching between multiple apps. To rate, click the star button located in the bottom right corner.


This will open the ratings page, where you can leave a star rating on a scale of 1-5, as well as leave a review of the candidate. The number of moments you’ve flagged will also be accessible from this page, to help refresh your memory of stand out moments.


You can close out of the rating page at any time, by pressing cancel, or by pressing the arrow in the upper right corner. When you’re ready to submit your rating, press “Rate now”. This will save your feedback, and make it accessible to the rest of your team in the web application.

Once saved you can also add additional feedback by pressing the edit pencil in the upper right corner.

How it works for candidates

Candidates will not be able to see any of the questions or rating information. If you ever need to share your screen with the candidate, please make sure not to share your apps panel.


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