How to use the Clovers Recording App for Admins (for Zoom)

This app is for Clovers Admins.

The Clovers Recording App will record all of the meetings you conduct through Zoom that Clovers determines are interviews.

In order to detect and record interviews within in your organization, make sure all of your hiring teams members have a Clovers account and have connected their calendars.


Next, configure your interview keyword detection logic with the right set of words or phrases that would let Clovers that a particular event is an interview. Clovers will look for events with these keywords for every member of your organization that has connected their calendar to Clovers.

If you only want Clovers to record calls when it has been specifically invited, toggle off “Clovers will look for and record meetings with specific keywords and phrases.”

(HINT: Clovers users can always toggle on/off upcoming events to record directly from the Clovers Dashboard).


When the interviewer(s) and the candidate joins the interview by clicking on the Zoom link in their calendar invitation, the Clovers Recording App (for Zoom) will make sure that the conversation is recorded. All participants on the call will be invited to consent to the recording before proceeding with the conversation, by clicking on this consent popup (powered by Zoom).


Once the interview has completed, Clovers will fetch the recording from Zoom and store it for safe-keeping inside of Clovers so that the members of the hiring team to can comment, rate, and collaborate on the hiring decision for that candidate. The original recording will be deleted from Zoom so that your organization’s storage limits are not negatively affected.


And that’s it! Clovers will seamlessly record, transcribe, and make your candidate interviews available to your hiring teams for a more elegant, higher velocity hiring process.


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