How to remove the Clovers recording app for admins (for Zoom)

Removing the Clovers recording app for admins

This app is for Clovers admins that also have admin access to Zoom.

Would you no longer like to use the Clovers Recording App to automatically record interviews in Clovers? Uninstalling is simple - it just takes a couple of steps!

1) In your account settings, navigate to Integrations. Click on Web Conferencing, then on the “Disconnect” button for Zoom (under “Integration Status”).

HINT: You do NOT have to be the person who initiated the integration with the Zoom Recording App (for Zoom) to disconnect it from Clovers.

NOTE: Once the app has been disconnected, Clovers will no longer record you organization’s interviews with the Zoom’s native Cloud Recording capability. Instead, the Clovers recording bot will show up to your interviews as a participant.


2) After you have disconnected the Zoom Recording App from Clovers, log in to Zoom and navigate to your added apps. Click “Remove” next to Clovers and confirm.


And that’s it! You’ve completely disconnected and removed the Clovers Recording App (for Zoom).


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