How to locate your ATS Role ID

In this article, you will learn how to locate and set up an ATS Role ID.

NOTE: Keep in mind Job roles define the specific attributes, competencies or skills that are expected for that particular role. When your company desires to hire someone for that role, they will create a Job Requisition or Job Posting. The Requisition that is created for a specific hire typically is connected in some way to the Role that defines the expectations for this new hire.

Sometimes a Job Role is not actually defined within the context of the ATS, on those occasions a simple way to define the Job Role for each requisition is with the use of a custom field.

Locating your ATS role ID (header)

The following example will show to use a custom field in Greenhouse ATS:

  1. Select Custom Options from your settings and then Custom Fields for Jobs.


2. Click “Add Field”

NOTE: The ATS Role ID can be named in different ways in your choice of Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS). For example, it may be called “Position ID” or “Job Role” or perhaps “Job Template”.

3. Enter the attributes for the custom field using the following as an example. We suggest you use “Single Select” as the field type. This will allow you to enter your roles as options. We also suggest you tick the boxes for creating a new email token, to make the field required and to expose the field in the API.

Click Save


4. For each Job Requisition there is now a field that is required to select the Job Role.


5. The value of the selection in this field is your “ATS Role ID”.


Congratulations! You have now learned how to Find your ATS Role ID


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