How to edit an interview guide

Create a culture of interviewing mastery to hire better talent by using interview templates.

Interview templates is the foundation of a job and standardizes a job description and skills across your business. Follow this tutorial to learn how to edit an interview template.

NOTE: Any edits made to a template will in turn affect its job. This will not affect any jobs that are active or in progress

Watch the video to see how it works: 

To enable closed captioning, click settings in the lower right of the video below, and under Closed Captions, toggle the button to ON.

NOTE:All accounts come with 60+ popular job role templates.
  1. How to edit an interview guide
    1. Go to the top of the screen and click on "interview templates."
    2. On the right side above template tiles, click the gray "add template" button.
    3. A three-step interview builder will open.
  2. Choose the seniority level for the template:
    • Options: Individual Contributor, Manager, Manager of Managers.
    • Higher seniority adds leadership and team management questions.
  3. Choose the Job Family for the template:

    1. Utilize the search bar to find job families from the occupation list.

    2. Aim to find a general family for the template's foundation.
    3. Use the dropdown arrow on the occupation tile to view attributes assigned.
    4. You can edit attributes later.
    5. Select desired template using the radio button.
    6. Click "use this occupation" to proceed.
  4. Providing Template Details:

    • Type the desired title for the interview template.
    • Optional: Add a description to clarify template usage.
    • Click "finish" to complete this step.
  5. Template Auto-Assignment:

    • If you create a job with the same title, the template will automatically apply to it.
  6. Adding Template to a Job:

    • Add the interview template section to the basic tile.
    • Confirm your choice to proceed.
  7. Finalizing Assignment:

    • The interview template gets assigned to the job.
  8. Interview Process:

    • The assigned interview questions will appear in the interview guide when interviewing candidates for the specific role.


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