How to use the interview guide tool DURING the interview

This article will show you how to use the interview guide tool. This tool is a centralized place to see information about the candidate and serves as a companion to your interview.

The interview guide tool allows users to:

  • ask questions from the interview guide
  • take timestamped notes
  • rate the candidate
  • mark moments throughout the interview to create a highlight reel that can be shared with your team 

The interview guide can be accessed through Teams or Zoom app stores, or via the browser app version on the Clover's platform.

Watch the video to see how it works: 

To enable closed captioning, click settings in the lower right of the video below, and under Closed Captions, toggle the button to ON.

How to use the interview guide tool DURING the interview:



1. Launch your video call and the interview guide tool.
2. If the candidate's record is not in Clover's, add their email and other information.
3. Use the job dropdown to pull the correct questions for the interview.
4. Check off questions as you go through the interview.
5. Take timestamped notes and use the highlighting buttons to mark positive, risky, or significant moments.
6. Rate the candidate using the star button, add a headline, and a final note.
7. After the interview, close the Zoom or Teams meeting and exit the interview guide tool.
8. Wait for an email from Clover's indicating that the interview has finished processing.
9. Review the interview and the highlight reel on your dashboard.


The video tutorial taught users how to launch the interview guide tool, add candidate information, use the job dropdown to pull relevant questions, take notes, mark significant moments, and rate candidates. It also showed how to review the interview and the highlight reel after the interview. For any additional questions.

If you have any additionally questions, please reach out out to your aligned client Success Manager.



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