How to update your user profile

Follow this tutorial to update your user profile.

Updating user profile

Watch the video to see how it works: 

To enable closed captioning, click settings in the lower right of the video below, and under Closed Captions, toggle the button to ON.

  1. Click on the cogwheel settings icon
  2. Click on "My profile" tab
  3. To update your profile picture, hover your mouse over the circle near your name and click on the camera icon  
  4. Then click "Browse files" and select an image you wish to use as your profile picture
  5. Select the photo to set it as your profile picture
  6. Edit the basic info by overriding the existing info
    1. Depending on your user settings you may be able to edit your organizational info
  7. Select "save" to save the changes made to your settings


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