FAQ: How to link recordings to candidates and jobs

How does Clovers reconcile interview recordings?

Clovers detects candidates and job requisitions by comparing the records contained on the platform to the information gathered from the calendar event of the interview or by using artificial intelligence to make decisions when records are not available. 


How are candidate and job records created?

If there is no ATS integration, then the records for the Candidate and Job Requisitions would be manually created by an admin or enhanced user within the Clovers instance. If an ATS integration exists, then the records would be created automatically as the data flows into Clovers from the ATS. 


What does Clovers look for?

When an interview loads, to reconcile the candidate, the auto-reconciler looks for the following in the candidate record and in the event invitation:

  • An exact match on the email address
  • A match on the candidate’s name
  • An exact match on the job title

When an interview loads, to reconcile the job requisition, the system looks for the following in the job record and in the event invitation:

  • An exact match on the job requisition title

What if a record does not exist?

If the reconciler is not able to find exact matches, it will then try to use AI to deduce the identity of the candidate or choose a requisition. If it can do so with a certain level of certainty, then the candidate and job requisition will be either partially or fully reconciled on the interview.


If the Reconciler cannot achieve the required level of certainty, then the interview will remain unreconciled. 


How can I link the candidate and job to the recording myself?

To manually reconcile an interview, click into the “Update Info” button on the interview card located on the dashboard or the “Add Info” link in the candidate application page.




From there, choose the email address of the candidate from the dropdown or type it in and press enter to add. First name, last name, and requisition are required fields. You should create the requisition before attempting to manually reconcile an interview. 




Once all the information has been entered, click the button labeled “Finish” to complete the reconciliation and tie the interview to a candidate and job requisition. 





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