How to Record Events with Clovers

Recording events with Clovers

NOTE: At any point, you can check to see whether an event is scheduled to record by checking the ‘Today’s Schedule' section of the dashboard. You can also manually include any events that are not triggered automatically by checking the recording box.

By default, events will be recorded if:

  1. The event meets at least one of the following criteria:

    1. At least one keyword is in either the subject or body of the event. Keywords are managed by your account administrator, but often include things like 'Interview,” “Candidate,” or “Screening”

    2. Clovers has been invited to the event with the email address

    3. A participant or the owner of the event has manually marked the event to record inside of Clovers.

  2. The event contains a web conferencing link (i.e. Zoom or Microsoft Teams)

    1. The link can either be added via add-on, or it can be listed in the location or description of the event


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